1. I'm having problems with sync what can i check?
  2. When you are having problems syncing with the first check the time zone settings in your account. Then check for special characters in your task titles or notes. Some characters are supported but not all. If you a character that is not supported then please send me an email with details.

  3. What sync options are available?
  4. There are two sync options, the default is to sync on startup. The other option is a manual sync; you can do this any time you are in the main screen by pressing the menu button and then the sync option. Startup sync can be turned off in the preferences.

  5. I have an idea for and improvement what should i do?
  6. Send me an email through Google. I love hearing from people that use ToodleDroid, especially their ideas on how to improve it. There is also a wave created for toodledroid ideas. (!w%252Bk_pEVpruA )

  7. Have you thought about charging for ToodleDroid?
  8. I have, I will continue to offer ToodleDroid for free, however if you wish to donate please do.

  9. How do i view my tasks by context?
  10. select the menu button, then preferences, then under Main display Options select contexts.

  11. How do I create a folder?
  12. Right now you have to do so on line and then sync with your phone, however I do hope to add this soon.